Meal Planning Made Easy


When you are trying to stick to a healthy, whole foods eating plan, the key word is PLAN. I’ve always tried to “wing it” and surprise, surprise! Never really managed to have much success. Finally, I started trying to meal plan, and I’ve been through lots of trial and error, but I’ve finally managed to find a solution that… 

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dealing with feeling overwhelmed

I woke up this morning, walked into the kitchen, and immediately became overwhelmed by the disaster that was my house. The kitchen was an absolute disaster. I’d  spent 45 minutes last night cleaning it, and finally finished up at around 11:45, contemplated not taking a bath and just going straight to bed, but decided a… 

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soho maxi dress


Our favorite designer, Mandalynn of Striped Swallow Designs recently released a new pattern, The Soho Maxi Dress. I was fortunate to get to test this pattern, and we are absolutely OBSESSED with this dress! I love every single detail aboutit, and I am SO glad I tested! I was actually wanting to make it knee… 

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