Puppy Pajamas Tutorial + Free Pattern

I just made these little dog sweaters for my cousin’s neighbor.  I searched and searched for a pattern with four legs and could not find one…especially not a free one so I decided to post this one because in my search I saw that lots of other people were searching for this too.  The smaller one was made to fit yorkies, and the larger one was made to fit a manchester terrier (almost the same size but the shoulders and top of the legs are wider and the body is a little longer).
Before cutting out the pattern, I suggest using this worksheet to help you adjust the pattern to get a better fit for your dog.  It isn’t a required step if you aren’t super savvy at adjusting patterns…it should fit the average yorkie just fine without any adjustments, but another thing I noticed in my search is that some people are SUPER picky about their doggies clothes and how they fit.  But I should also mention, you don’t really need to be savvy at adjusting patterns to adjust it…seriously check out the worksheet everything is drawn out for you (except the back legs), and if you need help just comment or email me.  I would be happy to help you figure out how to make the needed adjustments for a better fit.
All seams are 3/8″.  I then trim them down to 1/8-1/4″.
*This is intended to be made from fleece so that you do not have to finish the edges.  If you use another fabric that frays, you will need to finish the edges.  Probably bias tape would be your best option for a nice finished look.*
You can download the smaller pattern (yorkie) here & the larger pattern (terrier) here.  (Some of the pieces where too big to scan so I made black dots so that you can use them to line up the patterns pieces and tape them together once they are cut out.)

1)  Download the pattern and cut out all the pieces.

2)  Sew each of the back legs together with right sides together.  Then, sew the chest area together with right sides together.  (Put the A & B sides together)
3)  Mark the hole for the the front legs with a water soluble pen.  Then, cut out the holes.
4)  Pin & stitch the sides of the legs and the short sides of the collar.
5)Turn the front legs right side out.  Pin and stitch to the armholes with right sides facing each other.
6)  It’s easiest to stitch inside the armhole.
7)  Pin the collar with the wrong side of the collar facing the right side of the shirt.
8)  Stitch.
9)  Turn right side out and fold over collar and you are done!
Don’t laugh at my model…we don’t have a dog. ?
If you make one don’t forget to post it to my Flickr
And please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement or something isn’t clear so that I can make any needed adjustments.

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  1. Suzy says

    Oh this is SO cute!! I wish I had your skills so I could make this! My 4 1/2 lb yorkie shivers when we go potty… I live in MN and we've had 10 inches of snow for almost 3 weeks, so it's going to be a long winter! I buy her lots of outfits but they never have legs and they aren't even that warm… The best I've found to keep her warm was a $3 snuggie! Anyway, love it!!!

  2. Jansie says

    Gaaaaahhhh! Thank you SO MUCH! This is absolutely adorable. I have two small doggies who are thanking you as well!

  3. Jansie says

    PS. I could not get the pattern docs to open through Google. I tried both multiple times. Can you post a pdf or word doc? Is anyone else having this issue?

  4. L says

    Thank you very much April, I promiss i will send you my staff. My little dog will be very very very happy to have a nice & cute pajama from you and made by my own hands :). I've just printed it, i will make it very soon ! Kisses xxx :)

  5. BeBek says

    I have been scavenging free patterns and using clothing otherwise headed to the donation boxes to recycle into doggie clothes :) This is exactly what I needed to complete my babies wardrobes. You’re a lifesaver, thank you so much for taking the time to post this!

  6. Joanne says

    I know this is an old post, so I’m hoping you’ll still answer… I’m wondering what the measurements are for the larger pattern you posted. Wondering if it will fit my dog. She is 15 inches neck to tail, has an 11 inch neck and 19 inch chest.

  7. liz says

    Love the lovely pattern. I made some test jimjams for my yorkie lad. Using the large pattern, I extended the chest seam a little, inserted about 6cm in the body and tweaked the opening for the back legs (He\\\’s a BIG yorkie ;)) And it fits both him and my mini poo to a tee (she’s a very small mini poo). As I made it from a stretch fabric I made little cuffs for the legs and tummy. (I will make this again with fleece for my old boy (he’s got arthritis) and probably for my Poodle because I have adorable fabric!!) Happy to supply my reworked pattern if you like.

  8. christine says

    Thankyou so much for this pattern. I downloaded the PDF from (the smaller pattern). On page 3 of the PDF, the pattern is slightly cut off… Is there a way to fill in what\’s missing? or am I doing something wrong?Once again, thankyou for taking the time to make this available. My chihuahua thanks you too :)Christine

    • April says

      Christine, Unfortunately, this pattern is just something I drew up, scanned, and shared. I believe there are some dots on it to match up, but if you just line it up the best you can and fill in the lines, it should come out fine. I’m sorry I can’t be more help, but I don’t even have it on my computer anymore. If you are still having trouble, you are welcome to email me pics and I will do my best to help you get it figured out! :)
      April recently posted…The Stay at Home Mom’s Guide to Not Losing Her Sh!tMy Profile


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