?Feather Skirt {tutu} Tutorial?

Okay so I don’t know how good this tutorial will be because I didn’t actually make it when I took the pics so let me know if you have any questions.  Here goes….
What you’ll need:
Satin Blanket Binding
3-6 Feather Boas (depending on waist size and length of skirt)
underwear/pajama elastic (or any elastic 1/2″ smaller than blanket binding)
2 lg safety pins
1.  Cut three pieces of satin blaket binding:
1- 1/2 of the waist measurement (a)
2- 1 1/2 times the waist measurement (b)
2.  Open up each section and with right sides together stitch the (b) pieces to either side of the (a) piece.  Then, take each piece of elastic (elastic should be 1/4 x waist measurement, the subtract 1″  ex.  waist = 22″/4 = 5 1/2″ – 1″ = 4 1/2″…hope that makes sense) and place it just under the fold on the inside of your blanket binding and right along your seam.  Then, stitch in the ditch (where you already stitched) to stitch it in place.  I went over mine three times to make sure it would stay in place.
  Next, you will measure from one end of your boa the length of your skirt minus the width of your binding (if you want the length to be 12″ and your binding is 2″  you will measure 10″ from the end). 
 Pull the feathers apart and zigzag that point to the waistband 1/2″ from the edge of waistband.   Measure double the length you measured for your first loop(because you have to go down then back up again) and stitch that loop 4.5″ from the first one. 
Continue this every 4.5″ of waistband until you get to the front of your skirt.  At the front you will stitch the loops every 3″.  Then, when you get back to the back of the waistband and go back to stitchin loops every 4.5″. 
Front of skirt
Back of skirt
3.  Once all of your feathers are stiched in place, attach a large safty pin to the end of each of your pieces of elastic (the end that is not stitched down), and fold the blanket binding closed again then topstitch it closed, making sure you keep the safety pins up so you don’t hit them with your needle.  Once, you topstitched the binding closed, grab one of your safety pins and gather your back waistband.  Pin the elastic about 1/2′ from the edge, remove the safety pin and stitch in place, go over it a few times to make sure it doesn’t come undone.  Repeat on the other side. Stitch a rectangle all the way around, on each end of the waistband to close off the the edges.  Inside one of the rectangles, make two buttonholes, and sew two buttons in the rectangle on the other side.  And you are done!
Sorry it’s not the best tutorial.  Please ask any questions so I can improve it. I I am not sure when I will get to make another one because I have a lot on my plate right now but there was so much interest I wanted to at least give an idea of what I had done.  You ladies are so talented I know you’ll figure it out, and once again please feel free to contact me!  I will be more than happy to explain better!
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  1. Diane says

    Just toooo cute Ÿ I would love to do this for my little granddaughter to wear to her 1st b'day party Ü Thanks so much for the tut.

  2. Lauranie says

    This is a nicely done tutorial girl!! I was a tiny bit confused at first, which is normal for me, but once I started reading it through and seeing the great pictures…it all made sense!! This is soooo cute…are you making a Mardi Gras one…how FABULOUS that would be!! :)

  3. feelincrafty says

    OMG! This is too cute! If I had a girl, I'd totally make this. I might even have to make it for my niece!! ohhhh!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    I am just a little confused on attaching to band. Am i attaching the satin blanket binding to the elastic first, and then sew feathers zigzag every 4.5?

  5. April says

    @Anonynous~ No you attach the feathers to the blanket binding first, then once you have attached all the feathers, you attach the elastic….you are doing the feathers every 4.5" in the back and every 3" in the front because once you insert the elastic in the back, it will gather the feathers so that they are closer and look the same as the front…HTH!

  6. Kelly says

    That is such a sweet idea! I've been making tutu's lately and this is a great change up. Looking forward to trying it out!.

  7. Jordana says

    Hey, I was looking at this tutorial, but none of the images come up. All of them look like black n white warning signs. Could u email me a couple pics

    • April says

      Shannon, I am going to be getting them back up in the next two weeks. I had it scheduled for not this Tuesday but next but will try to get it up before then for you.

  8. Jennifer says

    Is it possible for you to email me the pictures since they’re not visible? I’m so looking forward to making this for my baby girl!

    • April says

      Hi Jennifer! I just reshot the pics for this tutorial, and will be putting them up as soon as I can get a pic of the finished product.

    • April says

      Hey Kristen. Sorry I accidentally deleted them a while back. I have taken new ones and will try to get them up by the end of the week. :)

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