I need your help! pretty please : )

Thanks to everyone!  We have now filled all the spots for Spring Fling but I am working with to other blogs on another event coming up in April so be sure you check back for details!

Some of you may remember the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway I participated in back in January.  It was a blast.  I discovered lots of new blogs and lots of new bloggers discovered me…  The other day I came up with an idea for a spring dress (I’ll post pics later in the week), and I thought it would be the perfect item to giveaway for spring….Then, I thought why not do something like the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!  So, if anyone would like to participate please email me.  The giveaways will start on March 20 ( the first day of  spring) and will continue for hopefully two weeks if I have enough interest.  Each blog will have a certain day to host a giveaway.  You can make the entries whatever you like and each giveaway will be open for three days.  I will also ask you to mention the giveaway for each day on your blog and include a link to the hosting blog.  I haven’t come up with a name for it yet…but I am working on it…I was thinking something like hello spring…but I am not crazy about it…. if you have one you wouldn’t mind sharing  by all means please do!  Also, if there is a particular day you would like to host your  giveaway please let me know, and I will try to accomidate as long as that day has not already been taken.  Once again, the giveaways will start on March 20 and run through April 2.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Don’t forget the linky party is still going on!  Click the button to join in the fun!


  1. LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick says

    'Put a spring in your step'? Or 'Step into Spring'? Hmm…not sure. 'The 12 Giveaways of Spring'? These are totally random hahaha :) I've never done a giveaway on someone else's blog before; sounds fun!

  2. CandaceAshley says

    I would love to be part of this as well! I was planning on doing a spring giveaway around that time anyway, so this would be perfect. My giveaway would consist of the flowers I make, so that is perfect for spring. No preference on the day, just love to get a chance to be part of the event!

    I will think of some names ; )

  3. Nat Mac says

    I would LOVE to participate!! I will put on my thinking cap for somthing fabulous. I don't have a preference on a day.

  4. Jhenna says

    How about "Let's swing into Spring"?? If I had more time to sew and craft I would totally love to be part of this, but I just don't have the time right now :( I hope you find a fabulous name for these fun giveaways you all will be doing :)

  5. saskia says

    Because I adore the dress you made my daughter (the cranberry one I won) I will happily be in it. I make dolls- If you don't need me that's fine as well :)

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