Mardi Gras Petti Tutu

Just made this Mardi Gras Petti Tutu for my cousins little girl.

Sophie wanted it even though she already has one…”it’s not like this”  lol

She does look cute in it though!
If you haven’t seen my tutorial yet, you can find it here, and you can find all my other tutu tutorials here.


  1. Suze says

    I love this tutu so much that I even making a second one for Genne( my hubby thinks that I am going tutu crazy)
    PS. I was wondering, how do you cut the tulle to make the pixie cut tutu? I would like to make one for Genne if you don't mind.

  2. Jennifer Smith says

    Tutu Cute Tutu & Modle! I need to make one this week… I really LOVE her beautiful Hair Clip! You should have taken a close up of her face & Hair clip:))

    Suze, You can't have too many tutu's! I will warn you that the more tutu's they have the more often they want to wear them, so if you don't mind going around town with Genne wearing a tutu…Keep making them:))


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