Pixie / Fairy Tutu Tutorial


If you don’t already know how to make a tutu, you can find detailed instructions on how much tulle you need, how to cut tulle of that is off the bolt, etc here
A pixie or fairy tutu is the only time I prefer using spools of tulle vs. tulle off the bolt because you can use this quick cut method to keep your strips nice and straight so that you can easily cut the ends all at once.
First, you will need a scrap of cardboard.  Figure out how long you want the tutu, then add 1/2″.  Then, cut the cardboard to that length.  I like to mark the cardboard pieces as I cut them.  I also, mark the bottom so that I know where to cut the tulle.  Once you have cut the cardboard to the size needed, start wrapping the tulle around the cardboard.  Start at the end of the cardboard marked “bottom”.
Continue wrapping until you have wrapped the whole spool making sure to keep the edges straight and even.
Once you are done, cut the tulle at the edge marked “bottom”.
**  If you are using tulle from the bolt, make sure to stack the strips neatly as you are cutting them.
Once you have cut all the strips, fold them in half so that the short sides are together.  Then, fold them in half again so that the long sides are together.  If you are really picky you can do them one by one but that will add about an hour or more to your time, so I just cut them all together and if I notice that some are really not pointy as I am making the tutu I just fix those, but it’s usually just a few that need to be fixed.
Cut the ends at a 45 degree angle .  I use the bias line on my cutting mat but if you don’t have one on yours, the two points you want your ruler to go through are 0,0 and 3″ across then, 3″ up….or you can just wing it.  It’s really not that serious…but some of us (me) are OCD….Oh!  Make sure your longer end is the side that is folded!  (To me it really doesn’t matter but your ends will end up looking like fish tails if you do it the other way.  Which imho, could be a good thing because you end up with more points, but if you want an actual “pixie cut”, the folded side should be longer)
This is what the ends will look like.  Then, just finish the tutu as you normally would.
Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to help you out! 😉

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  1. Jody says

    I was hoping to see the pictures for the pixie cut tutorial. If you can’t post them on here could you e-mail me?

    • April says

      Jody, I will have to take some more… I have a few that I was able to save, so I will email you those. I was planning on redoing all my tutu tutorials tomorrow and hopefully will have them back up by next Monday, but hopefully the ones I have will help you

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