Welders Cap Tutorial + Pattern

Mm-kay, so, I haven’t actually tested this pattern yet, and don’t have time to right now so beware!  But I promised it to someone, so here it is:
BTW:  I didn’t make this one.  It’s one he purchased.
Cap should fit a 22″ head.  Seam allowance is 1/2″.
  1. Download and print pattern
  2. Cut out pattern pieces
  3. Stitch 4 crown lining pieces together ~ RS together; press seams open & trim
  4. Stitch 4 crown fabric pieces together ~ RS together; press seams open & trim
  5. Pin four muslin pieces together and stitch all over them.  This will give the brim some stiffness
  6.  Pin the muslin to the WS of the brim fabric piece and baste along the outside edge (the edge that would be farthest from you head)
  7. Stich brim lining to brim fabric ~ RS together
  8. Clip curve and turn the brim right side out; press
  9. Stich 1/4″ from the outside edge, then 7/8″ in from there, and then another 7/8″ in from there
  10. With RS together and seams matching, stitch crown lining to crown fabric; only stich two crown sections, leave the other two open
  11. Turn the cap RS out, and with the RS of the crown lining and right side of the brim lining facing each other, baste brim to lining being careful not to catch the crown fabric.
  12. Flip the brim away from the hat, and press the brim and crown.  Also press the seam allowence under for the open side of the crown fabric.
  13. Pin closed and edge stitch 1/4′ all from edge all the way aroung the crown of the cap.
  14. Stitch another 7/8″ away from that stitch line and you are done.
Hope all that makes sense!



  1. Amy says

    I wear hats alot and love the shape of this one…so excited to see what yours looks like! I am adding this to my ever growing to make list;)

  2. Jayna Rae says

    This is hilarious because I totally stole my hubs welders cap in October. Then I made one about a month ago as a test run from my own pattern. It came out more of a tween size (SUPER CUTE though). It is a different style of welders cap than your pattern too.

  3. Nicolette says

    Thanks for sending me the early version of this. LOVE! My husband is already picking out fabric. The guys love loud fabrics for these…LOL…

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday! Hope you can make it back this week {party opens wed. night @ 8pm CST}

  4. Lisa Ann says

    Perfect! I've been looking for a pattern. I had a friends husband ask me to make him some. He gave me one to look at to try to figure it out. I got the two sides and the bill made, but was having issues trying to get the two sides together even and still tuck under the edge. Guess I need alot of pins. LOL Instead of the muslin, I used a scrap from some throw away jeans to make the bill stiff.

    How did yours come out?

    – Lisa

  5. elise says

    Yippee Skippy, thank you.

    I've been looking for a pattern similar to the Hoffer hats (well known around the steamfitters/plumber,welder circuit). Have you made any from inflammable fabrics?
    Either way I truly thank you for the generosity.

  6. Adale says

    Just finished making this! So fun. They only change I made was adding 1" at to the bottom of the triangle. Really easy to make. Thanks.

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