Mermaid Party!

Alright!  It’s finally done!  I don’t know if even Sophie was as excited about her mermaid party as I was!  Growing up, The Little Mermaid was my absolute favorite movie!  Well, that and Beauty & the Beast…  I would stay up all night watching it and in the pool, I would try to swim like a mermaid, keeping both my feet together and tossing my hair in the air when I came out from under the water, so I was thrilled when Sophie asked for an “Ariel party” this year!
I can’t even blog all the DIY stuff that went into this party!  Me, my family and friends DIY-ed literally  EVERY. LAST. THING!  I used only stuff I had, and spent probably about $30 total for the things I didn’t have on hand (most of it went into the tulle for the tutu).  I borrowed lot’s of stuff from my family for the decorations.  The table clothes are sheets and fabric I had.
I hope you’ll excuse the insane amount of pics I am sharing in this post, but I just could not pic favorites!  My bff took the pics for me and did a great job!  They all came out so amazing!  I put them after the jump, so that if you are randomly stumbling upon this, you aren’t bombarded with photos, but for those of you who would like to see the whole party, just click read more!
Hope you enjoy as much as we did!
I made the invites using My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software, and I just happened to have the perfect pic of Sophie from the beach last year!
 (if you’re interested, there is a coupon code in my side bar)
I made the starfish wands using this pattern and I screwed a eye hook in the top to tie the ribbons to.  Then, I hot glued the starfish to the tops.  Just make sure you glue it to the felt…not the stuffing, otherwise it will come out.


The starfish garland was made using this tutorial.


Mermaid Makeovers….

Each girl got her makeup done by my sister, then, took her pic in the photo booth.



Everyone had a blast in the photo booth!

My pirate face in the photo booth…lol

My friend that took all the photos  in the photo booth

My cousin made the cake, and my sister and I made the little pink sea urchins out of salt dough.
This is one of my favorite pics!  She loves her daddy!
Notice the “bubble garland” in the doorway…my sisters made it that…just cut circles out of scraps of fleece I had and stitched together…It was my sister, Kristen’s first sewing project…She did a pretty good job, huh?!?
Sea glass candy made using this recipe


These are just some of my favorite pics of her opening presents:
My friend made her this bow holder.


My little honey badger….
Now this next sequence reminds me of Miss Congeniality…lol… She was trying to get Breyden to take a pic with her….



  1. Jenni says

    Adorable!! You all looked like you had soo much fun!! The dress is fab! HUGS and wish your little Mermaid a Happy Birthday from the FROG!!

  2. 1 Funky Woman says

    Wow, fabulous decorations! Little Mermaid was always my favoite movie also! The cake is darling and the sea urchins and sea glass were perfect details! I'd say the birthday grl looks quite happy! I loved the make-up station. I will so be snatching that idea for my 7 year olds birthday!

    Now for a much needed rest I'm sure, after all that crafting!


  3. Lauranie says

    WoW girl!! Everything came out sooooo awesome!! I LOVE her dress too, so sweet!! Hope she had a fun time and enjoyed being a princess on her big day! Good job! :)

  4. Kassi at Truly Lovely says

    It turned out so great! Looks like little miss had a great time! Lots of family and friends! The perfect birthday!

  5. Natalie says

    Oh that is so awesome! Thank you for linking my starfish~ they look great as wands!! The cake looks absolutely stunning along with the rest of the party,,, WOW.

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