Sassy Spring Rain Jacket!

I am so excited I finally got to try Sew Baby’s Reversible Petal Jacket Pattern!  I saw it at a trunk show about a year and a half ago, and put it on my “to sew” list.  Well,we all know how that goes!  But finally, I did it!  I used Sandy Gervais’ Sassy in a laminated cotton, and lined the inside with regular cotton fabric.


This was a such a fun pattern to sew!  It was easy to follow and really fast to put together.  Sophie was so excited about her rain jacket!  She kept asking me, “Is it done yet?”, ” Is it done now?”, and my favorite, “I can just wear it for a little while, then I’ll give it back to you, and you can finish it.”  lol


The only trouble I had, was that I think the bias stretch in the neckline is taken into account when sizing the hood because the pattern doesn’t call for you to stay stitch the neckline, so since I was using laminated cotton, which doesn’t stretch or give at all, my hood was too big for the neckline…which wasn’t really an issue as far as sewing the pattern goes.  I just trimmed the excess off.  The problem was the hood pattern has these little extensions on the bottom front of the hood.  They meet in the center front and allow the hood to stay straight on the sides of the head instead of wrapping around the front of the body so that it lays nicely when she’s not wearing it (plus who wants their hood wrapped around there face?!?!?  lol)…well that’s the part I had to cut off.  :/  So as you can see from this pic, the front sort of stays open if it’s not snapped…guess, she put those there for a reason, huh???    
It’s an easy fix though.  (Do NOT do this if you are using a regular cotton, flannel, fleece, etc.  These will stretch and the pattern pieces will fit together as they should) If you use laminated cotton, just measure the neckline and adjust the bottom edge of the hood to the correct size in the center back before sewing the pieces together so that you can keep the front tabs.
I would have done that, but I had already sewn the hood together, and the problem with laminated cotton is you only really get one chance…Once you poke a needle through it, the hole is there to stay, and if you poke too many holes, it weakens the fabric, and it can tear.  Since I had already pinned a TON of pins in the seam allowance and it was my first time, I was worried that since it is a very narrow seam allowance, it would tear.  Plus, who are we kidding???  I’m lazy, so I said to myself “eh, she’ll keep it snapped anyway.  And, I’ll just leave the top one unsnapped so it doesn’t get in her face and bug her.”


And, it probably would have worked…
Except funny thing about snaps…did you know a hammer apparently isn’t a good way to get them good and stuck together?????  It worked fine for the female pieces since they are pretty much flat, but sadly, the male part of the snap didn’t do so well…the little sticky-out part (yes, that is the technical term for it!  lol) that snaps into the other part got mashed in a bit…soooo, I’ve now got snaps that don’t snap….grrrr
Oh well!  Lesson learned I guess.  When I get it back from the sewing center, I am going to see if I can pry those parts off and invest in a snap setter.  What’s important is, regardless of my few little mishaps, Sophie is still in love with it!


So here’s what I learned about sewing with laminated cotton…
1)  Make sure you pin in the seam allowance
2)  I ironed mine like crazy on the cotton side and even a little on the laminated side a little on the  high/cotton setting with the steam turned off with now problems…I just tested a scrap piece of fabric and it didn’t hurt it so I just ironed as usual
3)  They say to use a teflon foot or put tape on the bottom of the foot so that the fabric will glide through the machine…I don’t have a teflon foot, so i tried the whole tape thing….painter’s tape, masking tape, scotch tape…didn’t work.  I could only get the fabric to feed through my machine if i put it laminated side down…
4)  Make sure the fabric shop rolls the fabric instead of folding it…once you get a crease in it, it is a pain and a half to get out!!
And that’s pretty much all I got…  If you want more info about sewing with laminates, Amy Butler has some great tips you can find here.
I definitely want to make this jacket again, but I don’t think I will be using a laminate again any time soon…It was fun, but too high maintenance for me!


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