Rhea Dress

OMG!  I am super in love with this dress!  It’s not my usual style, and I definitely was not thinking I would love this dress anywhere near as much as I do!  I thought it was cute in the pics on the pattern, but I just can’t believe how much I adore it!

The pattern was pretty simple to follow, but it is a little more difficult because of the piping…At least I always find it is a little more difficult, but still manageable even if you are a beginner.  It’s the Rhea Dress from Trisha’s Treasures.

The back is absolutely adorable!!!  Definitely my favorite part of the dress!

I think I will most likely have to make a couple more for Sophie…

It’s seriously just too cute!


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  1. LOVE! This is so adorable! Your daughter is such a good model! :D

  2. This is so cute!!! I love the flowers on it :)

  3. she a cutie and the dress is great look easy t omake

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