Sewing School Day 9 ~ Shirring


  Welcome to Day 9! Today’s lesson is shirring! This is one of the first techniques I learned when I started sewing, and it quickly became one of my favorites! Here are a few examples of items I’ve made using shirring…         Cute, right?!?!?   Let’s get started with the tutorial!  … 

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Sewing School Day 8 ~ Four Ways to Gather Fabric


    Welcome to Day 8! Gathering or ruffling is super simple.  There are four methods you can use, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.  I have used all of these methods at one time or another, but I’ll start out with my fave:   Technique 1   **No matter what method you are… 

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Sewing School Day 6 ~ Choosing Fabrics

    Welcome to Day 6!   Today we are talking about choosing fabrics! For me choosing fabrics is one of the best parts about sewing, but it can also be difficult when you are just starting out. Patterns usually have suggested fabrics, but what if you aren’t using a pattern? I am certainly not… 

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