Sewing School Day 14 ~ Faux Rolled Hem


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Day 14!  Rolled hems are super popular right now.  Especially with boutique clothing.    This is another of my favorite hems.  It isn’t as quick as the narrow hem, but very easy to do…just a little tedious….


Typically a rolled hem is done using a serger, but if you have an overcasting stitch on your sewing machine, you can do it right on your sewing machine!  Simply attach the overcasting foot according to the instructions in your machines user’s manual.  Set your machine to the overcasting stitch.  Set the width to 5mm, and set the length to 1.2mm.


With the right side of the fabric up, line up the raw edge with the guide on the overcasting foot.   Reinforce the stitch at the beginning, then stitch.  Reinforce again at the end.


It should look something like this when you are done.  Lengthen you overcasting stitch to 1.6mm and overcast directly over the stitching you just did, remembering to reinforce the stitch at the beginning and end.


And here’s what it should look like when your done.  That’s it!  Super simple!  A little time consuming, but super simple!


NOTE:  If you can set your overcasting stitch shorter the first go round without the fabric getting stuck, feel free to do so.  You may end up only having to run your stitch once, but the shortest I can set my overcasting stitch without  my fabric getting caught in the feed dogs is 1.2mm.  Experiment a bit with your machine and see what it can do!


As usual feel free to ask any questions or share any additional info in the comments section!



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