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As I mentioned Monday, we are going to go over trims this week.  The first few trims I am going to discuss are made using bias strips.  If you need more info on how to make bias strips, check out this post.


Today I am going to show you how to make a really fun little trim!  Ruffled Ric Rac!  Typically, you would use ribbon to make this trim, but because they don’t fray, you can also use bias strips.  Keep in mind the edges will feather a bit with time.  Personally, I really like this effect because I find it gives the project a shabby chic look, which I adore.  However if you aren’t into that look, ribbon is your best bet.


So let’s get started!


Use a disappearing fabric marker to make marks at regular intervals along one of  the long sides of the ribbon or bias strip.  On the opposite long side, make marks centered between the marks at the top of the ribbon/bias strip.  (For example: I made my intervals 1″ apart.  At the top, I started marking at the very beginning, and at the bottom, I started marking at the 1/2″ mark)  
The width of the intervals will depend on the width of the ribbon or bias strips you are using.  This ribbon was 1 1/2″ wide and I made my intervals 1″ apart which seems to be perfect, so I would say whatever the width of the ribbon/bias strips, make the intervals 2/3 of that width (width x .66).


Starting at one end connect the points from opposite sides with a gathering stitch, to form a zigzag as pictured above.


Be sure to reinforce or tie off the beginning of the stitch before you begin gathering.  Now pull the bobbin thread to create the ricrac.  Tie off the end threads once you have got it to the desired look.


You can make it look like regular ric rac or pull it tight like this.  I am thinking this would make the cutest headband!!!  Maybe I’ll do a quick tutorial for one next week.  Anywho, what do you think?  What would you like to add your ruffled ric rac too??


As always, please ask any questions in the comments section so everyone can benefit!  Thanks & Happy Sewing!



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    I am absolutely LOVING your sewing school/tutorials! I’m just learning to sew and have found your site so helpful. Thanks for all the GREAT information! You are very talented! :-)

  2. Alana says

    Super cute. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m going to do this to make kelp for a quiet book. Way cooler looking than simple ric rac!

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