Coral & Feathers ~ What I Wore

Okay I am so awkward at this.  LOL!  I hate having my picture taken for things like this…you know, where you’re supposed to look pretty, which is a major reason I have held off on participating in all of the “What I Wore” parties in blogland, but my blog is changing…I’m changing.  Over the last year, I have really been trying to get to “the real me”.  I have always been insecure my whole life, and I thought I was over it.  Matter of fact, when one of the big reasons I started this blog was to encourage other women to be themselves.  Well, sort of, I mean one of the major insecurities I had was always telling myself “I can’t do that” .  The main thing I have always told myself that about is fashion and clothing design and sewing.

When I went to college, what I really wanted to major in was fashion design, but I never even tried because I kept telling myself “You can’t do that.  You don’t know how to sew.  You don’t know how to design clothes.”  Well, I sure as heck didn’t know how to design an oil rig either, but it sure as heck didn’t stop me from majoring in petroleum engineering for a half semester.  The thing was I wasn’t afraid to fail at that because I couldn’t have cared less about it.  Anyway, the point is when I learned to sew and started designing clothes for Sophie, I was sure my insecurities were cured and I was going to teach the world to sew!  lol  No woman would ever be insecure agains and I was going to cure it by teaching them to sew, and out of that Wildflowers and Whimsy was born!

Okay, that wasn’t my exact line of thinking, but basically, I really wanted to encourage  women and help them out of their insecurities in some way.  And teaching ladies to sew was sort of my thing.  I still have that same passion and desire to help women who are struggling with insecurity, but the thing is sewing isn’t the only part of me.   I love fashion.  I love baking and home design and I don’t know Coors Light and LSU football on Saturday nights, but every time I write a post that has anything to do with anything else, I  “what will my readers think”  They follow for the sewing tutorials….I don’t know .  I’m crazy.  LOL.

The really crazy part is fashion and sewing kinda go hand in hand, so I don’t know what my crazy line of thinking that I couldn’t do fashion posts.  Anyway, my point is I can’t inspire women to have confidence and be who God created them to be if I can’t do it myself.  So I’ll be working on it.  On not being so afraid to be myself…and who knows, maybe I’ll inspire or help someone else along the way…

Anywho, I don’t know how my What I Wore post turned into a Confessions of a Blogger Post, but what are you gonna do??  So, please excuse my awkward pics, but hey, at least I did it…wink wink!

So here’s the rundown:

Top:  Oasap (find it here)

Jeans:  The Loft

Shoes: stolen, errr, borrowed from my sister’s closet ; ) (similar here)

Feather Braclet:  American Eagle (similar here)


  1. says

    You look great! Your outfit is fab and your poses aren’t one bit awkward. Totally beautiful!

    Good job :)

    (I avoid the wiww because my poses look so terrible, and what I thought looked pretty suddenly looked hideous. Yay for insecurities!)

  2. says

    You’re super cute! And that outfit is absolutely gorgeous! I know what you mean about the insecurities of posting what you look like.. I NEVER have my picture taken. EVER. So I credit you for trying it and taking the leap!


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