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I was in desperate need of new glasses!  Seriously!  A couple of years ago, Breyden broke my glasses, so I started wearing my old ones (and when I say old, we are talking like six years old. Back then.  Now they are about 8 years old!  lol).  Then, a couple months after I started wearing them, he got hold of  those and almost broke them!  Thankfully, I caught him before he did. They were just a little, wellcrooked.  Okay, fine!  They were really crooked!  In fact every time my mom saw me wearing them she laughed at me and told me I looked drunk!  lol  I guess, I could see her point but, I only wear my glasses at home and my insurance only pays for either glasses or contacts each year.  I used to alternate and get contacts one year then, glasses the next, but then my doctor started prescribing those awful disposable things, so now I have to use my insurance to get contacts every year.  I kept saying I would get new glass, but when you are talking about $300 for something you rarely wear and you already have something that is {somewhat} working for you, who wants to spend that kind of money??  Definitely not me…I prefer to spend my money on shoes!



Then, I was introduced to Firmoo, the world’s most popular online eyeglasses source.  “Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way is the ultimate goal of Firmoo, so it has always committed itself to providing customers with high-quality and fashionable eyewear at the most affordable prices.”


Their prices range from $8 to $70 with the lens!!!   And the best part is you can try them out for FREE!!  And, when I say free, I am talking TOTALLY free, not that try free for “x” amount of days, then pay if you decide to keep them.  NOPE!  Just plain old free!  You do have to pay for shipping, but if you are unhappy with the glasses they will refund you the shipping costs!  I think that is a pretty good deal!  New customers can sign up here to receive a free pair of glasses, sunglasses, or even safety glasses.



I just got mine last week, and I was really impressed with the quality.  The pair I choose would have cost about $25 (which is actually still cheaper than if I used my insurance towards a new pair), and I honestly wasn’t expecting them to be this nice.  The frame feels sturdy, plus they came with a hard and soft case, and a repair kit!  I really love the style. I might actually start wearing my glasses other places besides my house now!


Overall, I am pretty happy with the experience, and I’d say if you need a new pair, go for it and give them a try!

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