Maybe a bad guy did it…



I have been sick ever since we got back from vacation a couple weeks ago.  I started feeling bad on the drive home, and I am still and not 100%.  This week wasn’t so bad, but last week was baaaaaaad!  I was by myself with the kids most of the week and they kept asking me why I was sick.   The boys have a weird habit of constantly licking their hands and just random objects…you know, walls, the bottom of their shoes, the handrail on the stairs…seriously it’s gross, so I took the opportunity to tell them that germs had got in my body, and that was why I didn’t want them licking things; because it puts germs in your body and you can get sick.  Breyden just couldn’t understand how the germs got in my body if I didn’t lick anything.  Then, that evening all of a sudden he just blurts out, “I know mommy!  Maybe a bad guy sneaked into the house when you was sleeping and put germs in you coffee, and you didn’t know and drank it and that’s how the germs got in you body.”  I couldn’t help but laugh, but I thought that was a pretty good explanation coming from a three year old…lol.


  1. Erika says

    I know a lot of people with the same complaint. My husband included. It is some weird virus. I have been tired for 3 weeks. I decribe it like, feeling yucky as when you are first pregnant (minus hte nausea). Hope you feel better soon. Any my youngest licks me all the time. it is weird. I figure the germs only make us stronger. :)

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