My Childhood Bedroom…




Love this idea from hip2thrift.  I’m going to try to participate as much as I can.  Maybe it will help me with my slow writing!  lol  Anyways, here’s day one:





I really don’t remember my childhood bedroom.  I remember pink walls, and I remember the white fan with gold scroll like designs on it, but I can’t really picture the room.  Oh, and there was a white vanity also with gold details, and a white and gold iron bed with a rose covered bedspread and ruffled bed skirt.  The closet was huge, not walk-in, just really big, especially for an older home.  When you opened the doors that was the area where you hung the clothes , and there were shelves on either side.  Really deep shelves…so deep that my arms couldn’t touch the wall.  One of my friends and I used to climb the shelves on either side and pretend we were aliens sent to earth to check it out and that was were we would rendezvous with our leader…Yeah, we watched My Step Mother is an Alien a few too many times!  lol  Wow!  Okay, so I guess I do remember it pretty well.  Oh, and my favorite part of my room was in the corner, I had three glass shelves held up by white brackets with little pink flowers that my grandmother had painted on them to match my bedspread…yeah, the diy gene runs in my family…on both sides…Anyways, the were filled with music boxes and figurines.  My favorite music box and one of the only ones I still have was a sandcastle made from pink sand with glitter in it.  I used to just stare at it all the time.  My favorite figurines were my precious moments…I still love them.  : )



  1. Iuliana says

    I am so glad you’re doing it with me! Loved your description of the bedroom too. Oh and definitely staying to look around your blog!

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