Sewing School Day 22 ~ Ric Rac


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Well, I am finally getting back to Sewing School!  Sorry for the delay,  but between vacation,  being sick for two weeks, making pageant dresses, and Hurricane Isaac.  It’s been a little busy lately!  Anywho, let’s get to it.  We’ve only got a few lessons left.  Today we are going to talk about ric rac.  Ric rac is a cute way to embellish any sewing project and can be used a couple of differents ways.  You can find it in different sizes from baby to jumbo, in a multitude of colors.


You can apply it by hand by doing a small stitch on each little zig zag.  You would of course use thread the same color of the ricrac.  I am using contrast here so that you can see the stitches.


You can also apply it by using your sewing machine to stitch straight down the center.


You can also use it in seams or on hems to make a scallop trim.  For a hem, simply stitch in on the RIGHT side of the fabric straight down the center as pictured above.  Then, fold it toward the WRONG side of the fabric; press; edge stitch.


 If you are using it in a seam, baste it to the RS of the fabric first then sandwich it between the fabric with the RS together; stitch ;press the ric rac to one side; edge stitch.


And that’s it!  Any questions???


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