An ugly orange suit…



You may have seen me mention a few times on Facebook that I am making my sister a silk suit for her next pageant.  I got started on the muslin…well, ugly orange broadcloth if you want to get technical…this week and I love how it is turning out!  Now that I’ve got the right fit, I am going to start cutting it out in the next couple of days.  I can’t wait to get started!  The neckline is my favorite part!!  I share some more pics when I get more done.  What do you think so far??



  1. Camille says

    Ok, do you like the orange or hate it?! LOL I love it! I also like the taper over the hips (I have no idea what to call that). It’s very flattering!


  1. […] Fancy Schmancy Flower Headbands October 16, 2012 By April Leave a Comment This weekend, the boys went on their very first camping trip with my dad!  I was so nervous that they would cry to come home, especially since his deer lease is an hour and a half away, but they had a blast!  My dad said booboo bear ran all over, climbing on everything.  They played flash light hide and go seek when it got dark, made a fire, had smores, and helped papaw set up his hunting area.  So since my hubby was working, Mom, Sophie, and I had a girls night.  We watched the LSU game, mom &  I drank beer.  Sophie had Dr. Pepper.  Sophie and Mom colored pics of Spiderman during half time, and since I have to keep my hands busy at all times, I made Sophie a Halloween headband using Fancy Schmancy’s Eva pattern, and wrapped some headbands for the other flowers I had already made.  Then, yesterday Adriana (my youngest sister) came over and I asked her to take some pics of Sophie in the headbands while I worked on the silk suit for her upcoming pageant. […]

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