Fancy Schmancy Flower Headbands

This weekend, the boys went on their very first camping trip with my dad!  I was so nervous that they would cry to come home, especially since his deer lease is an hour and a half away, but they had a blast!  My dad said booboo bear ran all over, climbing on everything.  They played flash light hide and go seek when it got dark, made a fire, had smores, and helped papaw set up his hunting area.  So since my hubby was working, Mom, Sophie, and I had a girls night.  We watched the LSU game, mom &  I drank beer.  Sophie had Dr. Pepper.  Sophie and Mom colored pics of Spiderman during half time, and since I have to keep my hands busy at all times, I made Sophie a Halloween headband using Fancy Schmancy’s Eva pattern, and wrapped some headbands for the other flowers I had already made.  Then, yesterday Adriana (my youngest sister) came over and I asked her to take some pics of Sophie in the headbands while I worked on the silk suit for her upcoming pageant.


I expected her to take some good pics, but she is definitely my sister (despite what her ex-boyfriend told her…it’s a funny story…I’ll have to blog it in the next couple days) because she went the whole nine yards!  lol  She did Sophie’s makeup ( and I’m talking!…think honey boo boo! lol), curled and teased her hair, and picked out an outfit for each headband!  Then, she took about a million pics!  They came out so cute.  It was really hard to choose just a few to share, but I finally narrowed them down, and I’ll show you those in a minute, but first I want to share some pics from our weekend.  (You may have seen these already if you follow me on Instagram)


Ian & Boo Boo Bear headed to the woods with Papaw


Mimi  & Sophie coloring


A close up of one of the Eva flowers I made for Sophies headband… I just love the spoooky little eyes peeking out!


Sophie with the pic her and Mimi colored


Ian when he got back from the woods


Breyden brought me a flower, and he was very upset because he accidentally stepped on it when getting out of papaw’s truck…it was so sweet!


Okay, now for the pics of my weekend crafting:



This is her Halloween headband made using the Eva flower


I love her face on this pic.  Too funny!




This headband is made using the Pouting Princess tutorial.




This one is made using the Krissy Flower Tutorial




What you think?  Cute right?  I’ll be sharing my tutorial for how to wrap  the headbands later this week!



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