Little Lady Bug Costume

Okay, excuse the poor picture quality.  I made this costume before I had ever even heard of blogging…I didn’t even have a FB account yet!  lol  But I was looking through some old pics and found this one of Sophie in the costume that started my love of  sewing, crafting, and diy, and I had to share it with y’all!


This is the very first tutu I ever made!  It took me two full days.  I used E-600 to glue on the black pompoms. I couldn’t find red wings anywhere, so I spray paint some infant ones and added black felt circles.  I made the top…which was basically just a black rectangle sewn together in the back then ruched and glued…yes, glued…the ribbons on for the straps and band at the top.  I made the antenna out of a black head band and red sparkle pompoms.  I even made the bow!  I was so proud of this costume!  Do you remember your first big craft project??  Like one that you were almost certain you couldn’t do, but tried it anyway??  Feel free to leave links in the the comments if you blogged about it!  I want to see!  : )



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