My new pantry doors…

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have slowly been working on decorating our family room and kitchen.  I’ve done some painting which I am still currently working on…The walls are done, but I am working on beefing up and repainting the trim right now, and I’ll be sharing pics once I’ve completed it.  But I am extremely excited about my new pantry doors!  When we first moved in, we put a half louvered bi-fold door on the pantry, and within a couple of months it was broken.  Then, after a couple more months, it was destroyed beyond repair!  I refused to put up another one until the kids were old enough to not bang it up.  Then, pinterest came along and I saw the barn doors that seem to be all the rage now, but my hubby actually came up with his own idea before I ever even got a chance to show them to him.  Basically, they are the barn door style, and I’m pretty impressed that he came up with this idea all on his own (don’t tell him I said that…lol, just kidding!  I already told him how good of a job he did!).  Anyway, here are a couple pics:


It’s kind of difficult to get a good pic because of the position of our pantry,  but  I think you get the idea.


I really love them.  They are absolutely perfect for the look I am going for!  I can’t wait to share more of what I have planned!!  So, what do you think so far?? I think hubby did an awesome job!



  1. Janet says

    Great job! We need to widen our bathroom door on a budget and a sliding barn style door will be the cheapest way to go–won’t have to rewire!! We only need a few inches to accomadate my wheelchair before it’s essential all the time, so take out the traditional door frame, put in 1X4s. the sliding mechanism in the hall and pray to get a barn-looking door that won’t cost $1,000,000 :-). Hubs isn’t a pro ball player after all. OK, don’t hate me for not liking pro sports.

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