Puppy PJs Tutorial


At the time I made these we didn’t have a dog, and the one’s I made re-shooting the pics for this tutorial was too small for the dog we have now.  I suppose I should have measured before deciding which size to make, huh?  So, the old pic will have to do.  Anyway, on with the tutorial.  It’s super simple and really quick.   I made this one in about twenty minutes, and that was while watching football.  Here goes:
The patterns can be downloaded here:
Large / Small
The large pattern was too big to scan the whole thing, so I made small black circles on the pattern pieces so that once you cut everything out, you can simply match up the circles and tape the pattern pieces together.

1)  Cut out all the pattern pieces. Be sure to cut the holes for the front legs.

2) With right sides together and using a 1/4″ seam allowance, stitch together the chest, each  of the back legs, front legs, and the short sides of the collar.

3)  With the WRONG side of the collar facing the RIGHT side of the of the neckline and matching the seams, stitch the collar to the pjs.  (I accidentally did it backwards here, so just ignore that)

4)  With RIGHT sides together and the front leg seams toward the center of the chest, stitch the front legs to the  pjs.




Tiip:  The  leg holes are very small so it will be easier to stitch them from the inside.


Please ask any questions in the comments section so that everyone can benefit.  Enjoy!



  1. aimee says

    Hi April.

    Is there a downloadable pattern? I bought some remnant fleece to make pjs for my chihuahua/whippet pup who is tiny (like 2 pounds!!) and she is freezing, the poor thing!


  2. Regina says

    omg! thank you so much for this pattern! I have dapple dachshund and they are getting older (my babies) and one has a bad hip/leg ,so far been able to treat him without surgery.But he freezes in summer weather and in cooler weather his hip gives him such problems the vet suggested we buy him pj’s to wear all the time.I bought him several pairs and the legs are always tripping him because they are not cut for his short legs.I have searched and searched for proper pj’s and refuse to spend another 20 dollars for ill fit pj’s! I stumbled on this site and you are a Godsend! Thank thank thank you ! My Froggy and Ranna
    ( my dapple dachshund )loves you!

    • April says

      Lauren those are actually the front leg holes and are shown on the pattern pieces as the white circles on the maing pattern piece. You should cut them out when you cut the pieces out. Sorry the pattern isn’t the greatest. Maybe one day I can redo it in CAD if I can ever figure it out lol… Let me know if you’re still not sure. : )

  3. Kristina says

    Hi! I’m super excited about this pattern — thanks so much for posting it.

    I want to make this for my 4-5lb maltese — I hope the Small Pattern will fit her.

    How many yards of fabric will it require? I’m having a hard time figuring it out from the pattern.


    • April says

      Kristina I think it was maybe a half yard…and that made more than one if I remember correctly. Sorry it’s been awhile since I made them.

  4. Brenda says

    Hi April,
    I love the PJs! I have been looking for a pattern for pajamas for my yorkie, Maggie. This is perfect. When I try to download the small pattern though I am taken to a pattern for a dog sweater. Is the pattern still available? If it is, I would love to try it. You have a wonderful talent for creativity! Thank you!


    • April says

      Hey Brenda! not sure exactly what kind of pjs you are looking for, but the pattern links to the pattern for the pj’s pictured in the post with the four legs and a fold over collar…I think I might have written “sweater” on the pattern when I drew it without thinking. lol but it is definitely for the pjs pictured above. :) hope that helps! let me know if it works out for you.
      April recently posted…Smile Brilliant Review + Giveaway!My Profile

      • Brenda says

        April, this is the pattern I was looking for! Sorry for the confusion – I think I saw ‘sweater’ and immediately thought I had the wrong one! Thank you so much for the response and clearing my mind – someone needs to do it :) Have a wonderful day!

  5. Amanda says

    Hi! This patterns looks great. I have been trying to find a dog jumper/coat for my old girl as she gets so cold at night these days! Would love to try it. Just wondering what size dog the large will fit? She’s a staffy x kelpie, and about 20kg (44 pounds apparently). Do you know if the large will be big enough? :) cheers

  6. Lois says

    What size/type/weight dog does the small fit? I have 5/12 lb. chihuahua who has a very thin coat and gets cold so easily. Would love to try this. TFS

    • April says

      Lois. I’m sorry. I honestly cannot remember. The small was drafted for a yorkie, and I cannot remember for the life of me what kind of dog the large was for…The name of the breed I mean, but I THINK the large would work better for a chihuahua because the body shape of the dog I drafted the large for was similar to a chihuahua. Sorry I can’t be more help. It was so long ago, and the owner of the dogs didn’t want me to actually measure the dogs for some reason…He just gave me some of their old ones to go off of.

  7. Rae Bonney says

    I have searched for days for a pajama pattern for my 2.2 pound Morkie. I was thrilled when I found this. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Mari says

    Thank you so much for this pattern. I just don’t understand the pattern. When I download it, it seem to be cut off in places. Please try to explain this to me. You made some comment about the dots but I couldn’t figure it out.
    Thank you

  9. kelli phillips says

    I tried to download the pattern but nothing happened. What should I do? This is going to be a Christmas gift for my grandpuppy.

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