denim + suede


Okay, please excuse my pics here.  I had my hubby take some good ones, but made a huge mistake by not looking at them before we left the house, and by the time I did it was a couple days later…He took pics of just my face!  lol  I guess I should have been more specific when I asked him to take pics.


Lucky for me I was having trouble deciding whether I like the outfit, so I snapped a few pics myself to send to my sister and bff to see what they thought.  So, for the purposes of this posts, let’s all just pretend that I have two shoes on and my mirror is not ridiculously dirty!


We were going to my nephew’s birthday party Sunday.  It wasn’t too cool, but you know, it’s fall so even though the temps are still in the high 70’s/low 80’s, I had to somewhat look the part! The dress is one of my faves. I got it at Marshall’s for $11!! It was basically my uniform this summer.  I wore it every. single. time. I left the house.  I was really sad about having to put it up but then I figured, since it’s still so warm I could figure out some way to keep it in rotation. So, I checked my closet and figured suede boots and a jacket would do the trick, and I ended up really loving it.  I think I’ve found my new fall “uniform”.  lol


My bff thought I should try some different boots, and I may take her advice and were my leather ones sometimes.  I just thought that would be a little too expected…denim jacket…leather cowboy boots…so I stuck with the suede.  What do you think?  Yay or nay to denim and suede?


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