progress in the family room + kitchen…

I am really excited to finally be able to share some pics with y’all of the family room and kitchen!  They are far from being done, but I started painting way back in March last year and just finally got the whole project completed in mid-December. Here are a few pics of the before {along with my list of complaints, lol}:



I’ve hated that ugly yellow in the family room and the brown in the kitchen. We had no pantry door, so everyone could see into our messy pantry. The table was too small so someone {usually me} always ended up sitting at the counter alone. There also wasn’t enough seating in the family room…only two small chairs.



Overall, I love the space we have, but it definitely needed some work {and decorating}.



But the main thing I was unhappy with was the colors.  Bleh!  It gags me just looking at them right now!  lol


I’ve done quite a bit of work since I took these pics.  There is still a good deal more I want to do, but I really love the space sooo much more now!



First thing I did was paint the family room Woodlawn Snow from valspar.  I do not even have words to express how happy I was to see that yellow gone!



Next, up was the kitchen, which I painted Artichoke from Valspar.  My hubby made us some new pantry doors from old cypress my dad had lying around.  I love them!



I also beefed up the moldings by buying a small 3/4″ molding and having hubby hang it about 2″ below the original moldings and then painting both moldings and the wall in between Woodlawn bedroom white by Valspar.



We sold the smaller table we had ~ which worked out awesome because I ended up talking to the lady who bought it for  an hour about how much I loved estates sales and vintage items and then a few months later she texted me and asked if I wanted a piano for free!  The front is missing and it doesn’t play, but I think it’s absolutely gorgeous!  I love that you can see all the inner workings, and I often just sit there examining it.



I would like to restore it, but I really don’t want to hide the inside of it…but I’ll worry about that another time.  My focus right now is the family room and kitchen, so let’s get back to it…



Okay, so like I said we sold the small kitchen table and since the dining room is actually used for my sewing and craft room, I moved the hutch and dining room table into the kitchen, so that now we can actually all sit together to eat.  I was worried it would be to big for the space, but it actually fit perfectly.  Now, I just need to get some shelves to put my fabric and craft supplies on so I can put my dishes in the hutch.


I also, finally hung some things on the wall; after 3.5 years!!  I still want to add a few things to the wall, but I’m happy with it for now.  My bff also gave me a chandelier that they were getting rid of, and I am going to hang over the table as soon as I can get hubby to do it.  He said he’s going to, so the “if” is taken care of. Now I’m just wondering about the “when”.



I wanted to redo the fireplace next, but like I said Wednesday, the mini blinds have started snapping so I guess curtains are next up, and it will just have to stay like this for now.



I also added some small pitchers to this strange little space on the cabinets that I never really new what to do with.  It was always just collecting junk, so I put these here to help deter the collecting.  It’s been working out pretty well.  Now, I’m off to work on the kitchen curtain!  What do you think so far?




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