dealing with feeling overwhelmed

I woke up this morning, walked into the kitchen, and immediately became overwhelmed by the disaster that was my house. The kitchen was an absolute disaster. I’d ┬áspent 45 minutes last night cleaning it, and finally finished up at around 11:45, contemplated not taking a bath and just going straight to bed, but decided a… 

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soho maxi dress


Our favorite designer, Mandalynn of Striped Swallow Designs recently released a new pattern, The Soho Maxi Dress. I was fortunate to get to test this pattern, and we are absolutely OBSESSED with this dress! I love every single detail aboutit, and I am SO glad I tested! I was actually wanting to make it knee… 

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diy fabric storage bins

diy doily shorts from wildflowers + whimsy

A couple years ago, my sister and I went to a local thrift shop and got a ton of jeans for $2 each. We made ourselves 11 pairs of blue jean shorts for $22. this was one of my favorites. This pair was one of my favorites. Aren’t they cute! Anyway, being the fabric hoarder… 

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